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Our Rooms - Joey Room

Joey Room
Our Joey room is full of new and exciting activities. Three year old children are very adventurous and the world is full of wonderful things to explore. The children are very creative with amazing imaginations. Your child will colour, draw and paint using a variety of different resources. They will be involved with music, dance, songs, stories and dramatic play. They will begin to familiarise themselves with early reading including name recognition, letters and sounds. We incorporate a lot of songs, dances, flashcards, visuals and movement in general.
Throughout the year, each individual child’s development strengths and weaknesses are assessed and many “individualized instruction” opportunities are offered.
As a child matures and the capacity to absorb more task oriented activities develops, a series of progressively challenging activities will be presented, making sure we are always stimulating and educating the children.
The children have access to a wide range of outdoor experiences including our learning garden and animals to encourage a feeling of health and well-being. It also promotes self importance and self esteem as the children play a significant role in the health of our garden and animals. These activities develop their sense of curiosity leading to a wish to explore and investigate the world around them. It helps develop pro-social behaviours as the children work together discovering and learning about nature.
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