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Our Rooms - Cockatoo Room

Cockatoo Room

It’s all about discovering, exploring and investigating with our 2-3 year old children in the Cockatoo room. At this stage of development children are learning about ‘Being Me’ what they like and what they don’t like. They are beginning to think about others around them but are still mostly concerned about themselves. Children at this age have a huge urge to manipulate whatever they come across and this allows for a great deal of learning about the world, themself, and others.
The Cockatoo children enjoy and learn many important skills as we allow them time to explore and investigate. Every child is different and therefore has individual learning styles and needs which staff will take account of when providing learning experiences.
The childcare educators in the Cockatoo room will encourage your child to join in with music, dance, songs, stories and dramatic play. These experiences will help your child to develop skills such as self expression, imagination, communication, coordination, memory and vocabulary.
The children have access to a wide range of outdoor experiences including our learning garden and animals to encourage a feeling of health and well-being. It also promotes self importance and self esteem as the children play a significant role in the health of our garden and animals. These activities develop their sense of curiosity leading to a wish to explore and investigate the world around them. It helps develop pro-social behaviours as the children work together discovering and learning about nature.


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