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Our Rooms - Kangaroo Room

Kangaroo Room

Our Kangaroo Room is our prep school room. In this room the children are learning all the skills needed to start school the following year. We concentrate on language and literacy, numeracy, developing independence and social skills. Using extensive resources, we offer a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment that will cultivate your child’s interest in learning and form the basis for a love of learning for life. Our Early Childhood Programs are designed to meet the ever-expanding interest and abilities of all children.

Using the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), in conjunction with a highly successful early literacy and numeracy program , we focus on stimulating the social, intellectual, emotional and physical aspects of development in order to unleash your child’s full potential. All staff support and encourage the children developing independence and communication skills at every opportunity.

Our Prep room has direct access to our outdoor environment and the children are involved in our agricultural environment, gardening and caring for our animals every day.

Working closely with staff from our local primary schools we ensure our programs and what we teach emulates what they will learn and how they will learn in their first year at school to ensure a smooth transition from preschool to school.

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