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"I want to express our gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful work you all do. Your friendly, caring, professional staff have taught ‘B’ how to interact and share with others, increased his self-confidence and self-esteem, develop a firm understanding of numbers, animals, manners, cultures, songs and provided many fun activities to just name a few, which has assisted ‘B’ to become the creative and beautiful child he is. Our other two children went to other preschools before moving into the area and there certainly is no comparison with the outstanding service your preschool offers. Your kindness and support made a big difference to our lives.
On a personal note, thank you Elizabeth for being such a wonderful caring person. I feel it is wonderful that you are able to guide, support and teach not only the little people of our community but the staff you employ and parents such as us. I have been so grateful of the gentle advice you have given me with regards to managing ‘B’s behaviour and I found your advice respectful, supportive and spot-on!"

"I would like to express my gratitude for the constant effort and “over and above” extras that you girls at Oakville Preschool do. It honestly warms my heart to see the genuine welcoming cuddles and greeting and goodbyes. I must admit I brag to my friends about “my preschool’s” ideal bush setting, little veggie patch and pet cow and sheep.
Thanks for making my precious little people’s first taste of the big world such a happy experience."
"I have personally worked in the childcare industry for many years and I have never experienced a centre more focussed on the health and development of the children than Oakville. The experiences available to the children and families attending the preschool are exceptional. Oakville’s staff are a team of professional caring individuals. I would like to thank Oakville for providing this exception facility where my child and many others can experience the joys of nature and animals while learning in a calming and supportive environment."


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